Phil аватар
In standard configuration, Tobago has a total of two sails - mainsail (mainsail - the main, rear sail) and staysail (jib / genua front sail).
Jib has a system of twisting around the luff and the mainsail has full battens and put them in lazy-bag (a big rag pocket gike).
* - Photo taken with an old mainsail


Sails Area:
Mainsail, new 2010 (top photo) - 47sq.m, dacron
Mainsail, spare 2007 (bottom photo) - 37sq.m, ACL 90/110 (laminated)
Jib/Genoa - 28sq.m


In our case, we got blister for extra (spinnaker, but without a spinnaker pole, closer to gennaker). The sail is very interesting - it can take a course until close hauled (about 75deg to the wind).
Blister / Gennaker - no data, but about 90sq.m.




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