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First of all, we are sorry, but native language of our web-site is Russian. I hope that a little bit later I can translate all pages to English.
Now you can read few following pages in English or use built-in Google-translator.

Few info about us:
My name is Denis, but everybody call me Phil (it's my "family nickname") and I'm owner and skipper of our catamaran. My wife Galina is eight years with me and sins last year she became a First Mate in our boat.  In our previous life, we lived in Moscow, Russia and worked day-by-day in Rescue Service of Red Cross of Russia. I'm IT-specialist (hardware, communication) and rescue officer. Galina worked in RSRCR with me too as accounter. One year ago we decided to change our life and we bought sailing catamaran. We like to travel, meet new people and "discover the World" in all means. We started our new life in "Water world" (Slogan of our web-site is "Water world. Our version!").
Now we're travelling around Mediterranean Sea and we already visited Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Italy, Tunisia and Malta. We have plan to visit all other countries in Med and in next one-two years cross the Atlantic Ocean and "discover America" =)
If you want to get experience in winter, stormy sea - you can join us in winter season, but if you are looking for "light sailing" (I mean without any extreme wind or rough sea) - welcome on board at summer. But may be best season is spring/fall - without extreme temperature and wind is usually about 3-5BF.
So, if you want to ask me some questions or you want to come - please write me: info@barbos-cat.name

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