Phil аватар

Our catamaran is equipped with two diesel YANMAR 2GM20F


This two-cylinder diesel - known and popular brand YANMAR make up to 18HP each. With mass over the boat is about 5 tons can go on the calm water near 7kn at 2/3 of throttle, but generally we use only one engine at the same time - it allows us to going at 5kn, but also saves us half the fuel
Consumption of diesel in this case is about 2 lt/h per engine. Fuel consumption at idle is 0,8-1 lt/hr for each engine.
Cooling system of two-contour (as in the car, only to sink immediately cooled not by air but seawater) on each of the diesel has alternator is on at 55A and the right is a heat exchanger in addition to finding a tendency for hot water (about 35L) that allows us to enjoy hot water even without a shore power 220V (in the tank is the heater at 220).
Transmission is S-Drive.
A fuel tank, capacity 135L. At cruising speed it can take up to 240nm (a twin-engine 7kn). Or 340nm (if under one, 5kn).



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